Mastery Project


We teach athletic skills that improve body awareness, coordination, balance, and strength.  In addition, we instill confidence in kids.

Once kids master a set of skills, they graduate to the next level and are challenged with a new set of athletic skills to master.

The levels progress until the kids have achieved "master" status. They are then prepared for adapting these skills to sport-specific practice.

sTEP 2

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The child will take one of two paths:

1) elite athletic development

2) recreational athlete

The elite development path involves identifying talent, nurturing the talent appropriately, and providing avenues to best use the talent.  This includes networking with local and national elite coaches and governing bodies.

The recreational athlete path involves staying healthy and having fun in sport. Participating at a local level and focusing on translating their athletic interest to life-long activity is the goal.

Once a child has 'mastered' the basic athletic skills, they can begin to focus these skills on a particular sport (or sports) of interest.

The child begins to works with expert coaches in their chosen sport to fine-tune their athletic skills so they are specific for their sport.

As the child develops, they will find their niche in their chosen sport or they may  choose to try a different sport. The goal is to allow the child's interest and talents manifest. 

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