Mastery Project

"ECo AMP" stands for Endurance Company Athlete Mastery Program.  Endurance Company is an endurance coaching/consulting business focused on helping adult athletes achieve their endurance athletic goals and was founded in 2010 by Joe Company, PhD.  

ECo AMP was developed by Joe as a way of developing athletic skills and identifying athletic talent in youth and junior athletes. It was originally intended to be a pipeline to develop multisport (triathlon) athletes, but as the program evolved, Joe realized that a better mission for ECo AMP was to focus on teaching and empowering children to learn fundamental skills that will serve them in any sport and serve them for their entire life. 

‚ÄčECo AMP provides children of all ages a platform in which they can safely learn, practice, and master basic athletic skills before they being to specialize in a single sport.  The goal is that an ECo AMP "master" will be properly prepared to unlock their ultimate athletic potential in whatever activity or sport they choose to pursue.  


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